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WATCH NBC hosts baffled as Kellyanne Conway attacks them for covering Trumps tweets

Published on 2 weeks ago
Presidential Counsellor, Kellyanne Conway stopped by the Today Show on Monday to go to bat for her boss on everything from terrorism, to Twitter.

On that latter subject, Conway got into a rather testy exchange with MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin. Conway suggested that he and his colleagues in the media would do better to spend less time covering the president’s tweets.

“This obsession with covering everything he says on Twitter and very little of what he does as president,” said Conway in exasperation.

“That’s his preferred method of communication with the American people” Melvin shot back.

“That’s not true,” Conway snapped.

“Well he hasn’t given an interview in three weeks. So lately that is his preferred method.”

The famously slippery presidential adviser, also sparred with co-host Savannah Guthrie over whether or not Donald Trump should apologize to London mayor Sadiq Khan for misquoting him on Twitter. Conway, pivoted to the attack itself and said that the media should be more focused on covering the growth of terrorism in England and Europe over the last several months.

“You want to make this about something other than what’s its about,” said Conway. “I’m not going to allow, the day and a half after terrorist did it again, whether ISIS inspired or ISIS directed. They’re savage murders. It’s an evil slaughter as the president said last night. I’m going to not let him be seen as the perpetrator here.”

It was tense.

Watch above.

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