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Published on 3 months ago
Slapping the Double Bass.

TABS and Backing Tracks: https://www.patreon.com/davie504

Special Thanks to:
Dragoninferno100 ,Jack Balsamo, sonsuin, Thiago Gomes, ronaldo, Edmund Theodore Akaran, Mychel Youngbird, paull, Benjamin Lafitte, Mircea Adam, Rand Aquino, lissajoux
Matthew, Bruno, Riley, andres, Jason, Marc, Fay, Sam, Lauge, Ibragim, Miguel Angel, hiroki, Matheus, Kristoffer, Johann, Roman, joao, 冠亦, Xavier, Julian, Kyle, Carlos, Dylan, Erlingur, Benjamin, Adam, Fabio, Spitah, Tony, Kieran, Nick, Rickard, Ni, Marshall, Adam, Touby, Alex, Kayhou, カイラク, David, Takahiro, Fernando, Johnny, paul, Karsten, Chris, Ed, David, 奕, seiei, Steven, Victor, Rick, Jorge, Joel, Landon, vltmlk, Ricard, ydan, Gabriel, Hulkinho333, nathan, Michael, Owen, Olivier, Vic, Neal, Ming, Emil, Wen, Taylor, Lori, Edward, Zundzer, Jakob, Wayne, Lizard33, SEBA_1971, Ryan, JP809, paolo, Chris, Thibault, Maul, Ryan, Aidan, Jean-Luc, Ivan, Redjazz64, Joni, Will, 忠德, Jose

Didn't get the lighting very right this time, also still experimenting on how to record the upright bass. Sorry for the mistakes, I am still practicing! Expect more quality in the future :)

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Hope you'll like it!

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