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Having Pride Thomas Sanders

Published on 2 weeks ago
This month is Pride Month, and its a very important time to be educated and pay tribute to those who came before us fighting the struggles for equality and the present fight that still is being fought against oppression today. It's also, I think, a good time to come together and be proud of who we are. This can be tough sometimes, as it was for so many of my friends and I. So I decided, for this video, to do something special, and sit down with a lot of my friends and answer some questions you all may have had about our personal experiences with our identity.We don't represent everyone on the spectrum, and we can only speak from our own personal experiences, we don't know everything, but hopefully, something we say may help some of you out there watching. I talk way more personally and openly about myself than I usually do here, so forgive my nervousness and I hope you enjoy.

Thank you to my amazing, wonderful, and supportive friends for appearing and talking in this video, too!

Alex: https://youtu.be/4A-eBmnAnpg (YouTube)
Jay/Jo: @jayharper_official (IG); @jayisjo (Tumblr & Twitter)
Joan: @welcome_to_the_joangle (IG); @welcome-to-the-joangle (Tumblr)
Rose Porter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCckI43qsTgwJfwjxUHfEnMg (YouTube)
Talyn: @tallykat3 (Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter)
Skylar: @skylar.mojica (Instagram)

Thank you to Drew Gooden for helping with the edit & thumbnail for this video!
Drew's Links: @drewisgooden (Twitter); youtube.com/drewgoodenvine

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Snapchat - Thomas_Sanders
Tumblr - http://www.ThomasSanders.com


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